Kathe Hashimoto Photography

Kathe Hashimoto is a Hawaii born, Texas raised, San Francisco based photographer.

Currently, she specializes in photographing fashion, but takes great pride in her portraits, travel imagery, architecture photos, and personal projects. She has had the good fortune to collaborate with the creative individuals behind quite a few retailers advertising campaigns, local artisans, and thoughtful individuals looking to improve the world in their own way.

The driving force behind Kathe's work is her ability to see beauty and humor everywhere.

Kathe lives in San Francisco. When she is not taking pictures she likely could be tooling around on her Bianchi road bike, skateboarding on one of her long boards, futzing around on her sailboat, knitting, dreaming of getting back into the ceramics studio, doing pilates, or (hurting herself ) doing martial arts.



photo by Kingmond Young

photo by Kingmond Young